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Brand marketing has been around forever … it is the essence or personality of a company, product or service. Branding a name or a product should be the main goal of a business owner … after all you don’t want to be the best kept secret in town!

Brand Identity requires strategic marketing along with a sound business plan for success. The whole brand experience is the sum of two parts:

1. The practical aspect is where people come into contact with you or your product on a daily basis. How do they judge your particular brand … in other words does it actually work for them?

2. The psychological aspect … does your brand make the customers feel warm and fuzzy?

The Action Marketing Team believes that “Branding your Name” should be number one for the small business owner. Customers and clients prefer to do business with someone that they know and trust. It takes time to build this up, but with the Action Team in place we can do it for you, Just who are you, anyway?

The “A” Team also does Internet make overs … businesses and celebrities that have come under a “cloud” for whatever reason have come to us and gotten amazing results. Google rankings and bad press turned around for the better. This type of Brand Identity is best left to the professionals.

The Action Marketing Team realizes that to get your brand name out will take the perfect marriage of the practical and the psychological aspects … Let us Brand YOU …

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