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Local Marketing

Google Plus Local and maps, Yahoo and BING along with a boatload of critical directories that YOUR business needs to be listed in.  Reviews, citations ... this is the latest ploy for getting YOUR business found by new customers and boosting your business up in the all important GOOGLE rankings!


Mobile Marketing

Action Marketing Team has assembled a collection of services for small local businesses.  Show up on Google maps, GPS devices, smart phones and kick your competition to the curb. It's the new generation of marketing.



The name of your product or service is many times the key to the success of small business marketing. When you need to wipe your nose you automatically think Kleenex and when you want to dredge your french fries in red stuff you search the cupboards for Ketchup.  Grabbing the attention of the buying public is where it is at when you look for the sale.


Social Media Coaching 

Action Marketing will work with you and your team to provide a social media framework, integrated marketing strategy and show you how to use the tools of Social Media.  We can do this in person or set up specific coaching calls using Skype.



Blogging about your business gives clients the comfort that you are indeed the trusted professional when it comes to their needs. Search engines love them and blogs have long lasting appeal. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for businesses and their customers to connect online. 

Whatever you market or sell ... it can be blogged about. The blogging platform allows for long descriptions of products or services that you provide, testimonials and the ability to link to and from your other social media sites like facebook or twitter.


Article Marketing

Article marketing is just one of the ways that add credibility to you and your business. Laser targeted articles that prove once again that you are the expert in your field can skyrocket your customer base and sales.


Email Marketing

Get your message out in front of your existing customers and soon they will be bringing their friends along with them.  Email "Blasts" are great for special promotions, coupon offers or even taking the time to wish them a Happy Birthday ... don't know how to do this easily?  The "A" Team can take care of this for your business and you'll come out looking like a hero.


Social Media Marketing

Does your business need to be on Facebook or Twitter? What about Linkedin, Pinterest or YouTube just to name a few?  Well, only if you want to increase your visibilty and net profits .. BTW ... it is not only kids that use these platforms ... some say that the result of the 2008 U.S. Presidential election was due to the strong social media presence.

Social media management has taken over where the yellow pages and newspaper ads left off. Let's say that you are a pizza restaurant and traditionally there are NO customers between 2:00 And 4:00PM. How about "tweeting" your thin crust cheese special between those hours on Thursday. Always change the special so your customers are literally "drooling" for your next tweet!

Action Marketing Team can handle all your tweets, facebook and other social posting while YOU do what you do BEST!


Lead Generation and Capture

Trust me, your business needs this and if you aren't using a lead capture system then you are leaving bags full of money at the table when it could be in safely in your bank account!


Data Management

Where does your traffic come from. All marketing methods should be split tested again and again for profitabilty.  By creating a structure for the data that is collected and then  organizing this data in a way that is easily accessible.  It is vital for your business growth to be able easily access your data for reports and analysis.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is "key" to your business having a "web presence". By improving the volume and the quality of traffic to your site from search engines via natural or un-paid search results as opposed to other forms of search engine marketing ... like by paying big bucks to advertise. The higher a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search and industry-specific vertical search engines. The "A" Team are SEO masters.


Video Marketing

YouTube is for all businesses. Get your message across easily ... and BTW ... Google simply loves video ... LOL


Press Releases

Nothing is more powerful than a press release to capture an audience.  Journalist worldwide scan the Internet daily for the latest information on any given topic.  Be sure to include this in your marketing arsenal.


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